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 Casa  Estrella - Star House 

4180m2 property & 185m2 House

This house was built with much love by Fabrice in January 2013 to host his family, who at the time were living in New York, Eva and Omram (at the time 6 month old).
He built it with a team of 9 persons, all locals, during 4 months in a collaborative and inclusive effort translating his vision into reality.
The main purpose of the house, at the time was a healing retreat centre, to host up to 10 people.
With time, though, and having another baby boy, Fabrice and Eva realised that while their vision for a retreat house in the jungle is great and is manifesting as forseen, the lack of other families with kids for their daily life was challenging for the boys who were seeking interaction with other kids and not only adults.
Omram started school last month and is enjoying it very much and the family is finding it hard to find a balance between being united in the retreat house or in their house next to the school.
Hence the decision to sell the house.

The house is perfect for a family, group of friends, or just one person who would like to retreat, rest and disconnect to reconnect with nature and their own.

It can host up to 10 people, it has 3 separate bedrooms (one master bedroom with bathtub, shower, double sinks and 2 guest room with a shared bathroom) and an elevated office, healing room, which could be divided into two rooms.
The  House is 2000 square feet and the Land 5000 square yard
It is off the grid, with solar power  - There are 12 solar panels and the buyer would need to buy new solar batteries and invertor,

Pristine water coming from the mountain, 2 natural pools with 2 rivers that join on property; there is another natural pool in the river by the rock bridge , a very colorful tropical flower and vegetable garden as well as many fruit trees.
The house is surrounded by jungle trails, a window to the Costa Rican fauna and flora known as one of the richest in the world.

The land is in Valle de Estrella (the Valley of the Stars- where you see the stars very clearly at night), in a small town called Siberia.

The land is 1 mile away from the main road and the house is reachable either by 4/4 or a 15 min walk in a dirt road.

We are 10 min from the Sloth Sanctuary, 15 min from a quaint beach town called Cahuita, where you can explore the National Park, snorkelling or just enjoy a “ceviche”, a local sea food dish marinated/cooked in lemon.

Puerto Viejo, 25 min away, is another fun beach town with exquisite post card like beaches, An opportunity to savour delicacies, food from local organic market(each Saturdays) or receive various rejuvenating and relaxing treatments (we have a list of really good massage practitioners , as well as yoga spots overlooking the sea, perfect to regain vitality.

Asking Price 225.000 U$


Eatable on the property

-20 dwarf Coconut trees
-Katuk(very protein rich leafy green)
-3 Avocado trees
-2 Water apple trees
-3 different types of spinach
-Many guava trees
-Yuca(Fiberous local potato staple)
-Malanga(soft local potato staple)
-A lot of tumeric(very healing: over 600 known vertues, anti-inflamatoiry root/bulb)
-Papayas trees
-2 types of basil
-Chaia, a leafy green
-Many banana and plantain trees
-Cacao trees(food of the Gods: more than 300 vitamins and minerals, including magnesium)
-Moringa trees(also called the miracle tree, vitamin rich)
-4 orange trees
-5 lemon trees
-Chestnut tree
-Mango tree
-Gayava tree
-Jojote fruit tree
-2 passion fruit vines
-Peanut tree
-A tropical cherry tree
-Many lemon grass
-Local bee hives

& Many medicinal plants